About LATG

Languages Around the Globe is a community and site for language learners, linguists, and other professionals and enthusiasts . LATG began as a Facebook fan page in 2012. Since then the page has expanded to over 52,000 fans and has branched out to other forms of social media including Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

One of my primary goals is try to help those looking for language learning tools and assistance find resources and programs that are both effective and affordable. As a dedicated language learner myself I am extremely interested in testing language learning software and programs both big and small, and serving the interests of linguists. language learners and educators.

I try not to write from the perspective of a professional polyglot – because I am not. I do not even consider myself to be bilingual, yet. “Monolingual with benefits” would be a more accurate term. I hope that this blog and my content are presented from the view of a learner rather than a teacher or professional polyglot.

I’d like to foster communication and cultural exchange between community members looking to connect with one another and learn together. So get engaged on social media! Converse in the comments, and get in touch!

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About the Author

I’m Brian and I’m the creator and administrator of Languages Around the Globe. I studied Cultural Anthropology at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH. I’m currently residing in Hamburg, Germany.

I moved to Germany in March of 2016. I did not speak German when I arrived and the learning process is ever ongoing. I’ve studied Spanish, Russian and several other languages to a lesser extent.

I work for the Hamburg based international content marketing agency Kolibri Online  GmbH. where I work as a copywriter, blogger, social media manager and English language editor and proofreader. Check out Kolibri here!

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The LATG logo and website banner were hand drawn and generously gifted to LATG by tXc, the creator of and artist behind the webcomic Expat Gone Foreign. You should not only check out her website by following that link but also be sure to visit and follow EGF on Facebook and Twitter for some great comics about linguistics, languages and life in a foreign country.

Oh, and we live together.