Guest Writing

Interested in writing a guest article for Languages Around the Globe? I’m always looking for other bloggers or other writers looking to add something of value to this site and community.

Not only is this an opportunity to improve this page and enrich the lives of our readers but it is also an opportunity for you and your site to be seen and heard by a larger community.

Guest blogging is for other bloggers. They are not paid and are not directly promotional. 

Businesses looking for sponsored articles and advertising should go here.


  1. Articles must be relevant to LATG. I cover a very wide variety of topics within the sphere of language. Hopefully if you’re planning to write for this blog you’ve read a few articles and are fairly clear on what those topics might be. You’re also welcome to check out the archives page for ideas.
  2.  Only high quality writing will be accepted; keep in mind that your writing is not only a reflection of your own capabilities, but by extension a reflection on the quality of LATG.
  3. The bulk of any given article must be written in English.
  4. I’m currently only accepting submissions with over 1,200 words. 1500+ is ideal.  In the case of significantly longer articles, we’ll discuss together the best course of action. Certain posts – such as those designed around infographics or videos – may be exceptions to the length requirement.
  5. Please include in your email any links to your own site(s) that you intend on putting into either your article or bio.  I currently create “Author” boxes at the end of all articles that will give you an opportunity to link to your own blog and social media pages. We’ll discuss that further via email.
  6. *Published articles become my property*. While I guarantee that credit will be given to the author(s), official rights to and ownership of the article are mine. I’m happy to explain and discuss this in more detail. This differs from sponsored posts for businesses, which you can read more about here.
  7. I reserve the right to alter or remove links to external sites.  I understand that part of guest writing is receiving back links and most writers have nothing to worry about. This is just in place to avoid overly self promotional content and to disassociate the site with unrelated material.
  8. I reserve the right to reject your submission based on the organizations or persons you may represent or that I would become affiliated with. This includes companies of dubious repute, pseudoscience, religious organizations or those that promote academic fraud such as essay writing companies.
  9. You agree not to re-publish the entirety of  a given piece of content in the same form on any other sites, including your own. Likewise you guarantee that the content you submit has not been published elsewhere on the internet prior to submission. Exceptions can be made in certain cases, primarily those of infographics or pieces composed in multiple languages. Please feel free to ask.


I’ll read though your submission(s) and discuss any edits with you via email or Facebook prior to publishing or making any potential changes to your work.

Before you submit, please, please, PLEASE, edit your article, then edit it again, and then once more for good measure. Then have a friend edit it for you.

Furthermore, your content represents me. I certainly make my fair share of grammatical mistakes, typos and awkwardly phrased sentences and I don’t need your help making it worse.

Please send any articles to as attachments and include any graphics or links you would like. Bio photos are very strongly preferred but not required.

I use a custom author box located at the bottom of the article that will include your bio and links to social media and personal sites. Personal photos preferred but not required. For an example of what that author box might look like, take a look at this one, located at the bottom of this guest article by Marta.

If after your article is published, should you wish to make any changes or edits all you have to do is ask. As mentioned above, I own the work after it is published and reserve the right to deny your request – but I will most likely honor your wishes because I don’t want to be a jerk, so please don’t be afraid to ask.

If you wish to have your article removed from LATG for any reason you are encouraged to ask. I am, once again, not required to oblige your request pursuant to the aforementioned ownership agreement. However, I can’t imagine an actual, likely scenario in which I wouldn’t honor your request. So please don’t hesitate.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!