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Parleremo is anLanguages around the globe sponsors online language learning community where learners live in the virtual town of the same name. It offers a unique community experience that promotes language networking through a wide variety of games, activities, study aids and of course human interaction. Parleremo’s creator Erik Zidowecki, is the author of the language blog “View From the Town” and has contributed articles to LATG. He is also the author of “Finding Your Way to Languages”, which he has graciously allowed LATG to distribute for free.


Expat Gone ForeignLanguages and travel blog, expat in germany, webcomic

Expat Gone Foreign is a linguistics and travel webcomic created by artist and linguist tXc. It is dedicated to producing entertaining , humorous and enlightening comics for language enthusiasts, linguists and travel nerds around the world. tXc has been instrumental in the success of LATG through contributions, content, inspiration and support. You can help support EGF on Patreon. Go “like” EGF on Facebook right now!

FlashAcademy by FlashSticks

FlashAcademy review, FlashSticks review  FlashAcademy is a language learning app by FlashSticks. It features a fantastic study platform for boosting one’s foreign language vocabulary. FlashAcademy also comes with an incredible visual translator that identifies almost any common object and gives you a translation in dozens of languages from around the world including some fun ones like Kazakh, Uzbek and Malay. Check out my full review of FlashAcademy here and check ’em out on iTunes!