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**Please Note** LATG is moving to Germany! Language activity is currently down a bit and proper focus cannot be given to new products at this time. You may still get in touch via email regarding your product and I’ll put it on my to-do list but I can make no promises at this time regarding review completion. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


July 11th, 2016


One of my primary goals for this site is to provide in-depth product reviews for language programs, books and apps both popular and unknown. My readers come from all over the world seeking cost-effective language learning resources and I’m always happy to offer them more.

If you’re interested in having your product reviewed on this site please feel free to contact me. I’m constantly on the lookout for great stuff!


What I need from you:

  • A little bit of basic information about your product and a link to your website. In the case of a mobile app the Apple or Google Play store pages will suffice.
  • A copy of, promotional code for and app or subscription in the case of paid products.
  • (Optional) A media kit.
  • In the case of apps or some other products I need to be kept aware of any major changes or new platform releases so I can update the review accordingly.

Product reviews take time. At any given point I’m usually working on two or three reviews as well as everything else to do with this site and social pages while still trying to make time for my own language projects. In the case of much larger products expect a completed review to take several weeks.

Mobile apps are one of my favorite things to use and review. Reviews of apps tend to be fairly quick and easy and I’m always looking for new ones to share and use myself.

I’m looking forward to checking out your language product!