Financial Disclosure

Use of the Languages Around the Globe website is totally free and I have no intention of changing that any time soon (ever, I hope).

However, the unfortunate truth about offering free content is that I need to figure out ways to support myself and the site. LATG is monetized a number of ways, all of which are listed below for the sake of transparency as well as FTC (Federal Trade Regulations) mandates.


LATG is monetized in the following ways:

  • Amazon affiliates. I only promote items I stand behind. Still, Amazon affiliates is my biggest earner at the moment.
  • Google Adsense.
  • Other affiliates including Glossika and Pimsleur. I earn a small (very small) ┬ácommission on any sales that result following you clicking my links. It doesn’t amount to much but if you’re considering buying any of these products, following my links is always greatly appreciated!
  • Patreon. It’s a crowd funding source that allows patrons of LATG help keep things going. You can learn more about it by going here.
  • Other promotional services and available advertising. Read more about advertising and partnership topics here.

I am actively seeking other forms of possible monetization that minimize the impact on the reader’s experience. I realize that nobody likes advertisements but as stated before, without a product or other paid feature, LATG has no other means of supporting itself.

Thanks for reading!