Consider Disabling Your Adblocker on LATG

I know, it’s sort of a weird thing to ask.

Here on LATG I don’t directly sell a product or charge readers like some news publications are starting to do. Everything I do is totally free and that’s never going to change.

As a result, in order to maintain the work that I do, pay for expenses related to the website and basically justify the hours I spend researching, writing and purchasing language stuff, I need to monetize LATG somehow.

Adblock plugins have exploded in popularity and now have hundreds of millions of users, especially here in Europe, and it is starting to really damage the income I generate from this site, income I need to keep things running smoothly.

Thing is, I don’t get paid when you don’t see or click on those ads. I don’t get paid much to begin with. We’re talking pennies per day, but it adds up (no pun intended).

I actually use Adblock Plus myself. I don’t really like them any more than you do, so I know this is a little hypocritical of me but this is how I fund LATG.

My ads don’t pop up, scroll with you, or (at least in my opinion) significant hinder the reading experience. I also limit the types of ads so that you’re not spammed with pseudoscientific drivel, muscle milk or  information on why you should convert to Scientology. I actively and regularly peruse the ads being shown on my site and block those that I find to be inappropriate.

I’d love to get rid of banner advertisements entirely, but unless I can start generating alternative income via other means that’s not currently an option.

So please, consider clicking the browser app in the corner of your browser and clicking “disable on this site”. It won’t alter your blocker settings for any other websites and it only takes a second. Each time you return to LATG you will see these ads. If you still find the experience to be unsatisfactory, you can switch your blocker back on.

Alternatively you can consider checking out my Patreon campaign and receive some cool stuff in return. Even a $1 pledge goes  a long way, and if I can reach $300 per month in pledges, I´ll remove all banner ads from the site!

Thanks for your consideration and understanding.