Partnership Opportunities

LATG offers ways that you can promote your own relevant businesses or products while supporting the continuity of this website and the entertainment and enlightenment of our readers.

**If you are another blogger simply interested in writing for LATG rather than directly promoting a company please go here.**


Note** If your company sells essays or partakes in other forms of academic fraud, this site is not for you. I automatically refuse such companies without a second thought.

Now, with that out of the way….


I offer:


 Why you should partner with LATG:

  • A large, global audience in a targeted niche aimed at language learners, teachers, linguists and other culture and language enthusiasts.
  • 60,000+ Facebook fans
  • 7,000+ Twitter followers
  • Content syndication on sites such as Regator, Bloglovin,, blogarama, StumbleUpon and more.
  • An active and constantly growing community and consistent monthly traffic and email subscriptions.
  • Link building opportunities.
  • Active and repeat promotion of relevant advertisers on LATG’s social media sites and reviews of suitable and relevant products in their own dedicated posts.
  • Banner Ads, Sponsored Posts and Patreon Sponsors all receive inclusion on Sponsors page (with more backlinks!).
  • I’m awesome

Link Building Opportunities

Please inquire here for details about in-article link building with LATG.


Social Media Promotion

This is very simple – you pay me to publish your content on my social media channels. My Facebook page has over 60,000 drooling, rabid language freaks dying to sink their teeth into cool content.

The piece can either be shared fresh (I publish it myself) or I can “share” it from your own page. It’s up to you.

A highly successful or viral Facebook post can net you hundreds or even thousands of new Facebook followers for your own page(s). If the piece does well I can guarantee you that it nets you more, higher quality followers than advertising through Facebook likely will.

As with all things in life – I cannot, of course – promise overwhelming results every single time. It’s always a gamble, but then again, when is advertising not? The audience is there, but it’s up to you to offer them the best, most social media friendly content piece that you can. I can help make suggestions, it’s actually my day job!

Some pieces of content perform better than others, but it’s up to you to create the content you think will best perform. Certain formats such as images, gifs, and other humorous content tend to outperform others. Informative articles are also often very successful. I am happy to discuss things that I think will perform well if you have questions.

Please no direct sales articles. Not only do they look tacky and blatantly salesy, they also don’t earn pretty much any organic sharing or views. People aren’t on Facebook to buy stuff, they’re there to be entertained. Sales pitches are practically useless and I can almost guarantee that they’ll drive little to no traffic your way. If you have questions as to what I mean by self promotional content I’ll be happy to discuss it and help us find a solution.

Published content can include a link to your own Facebook page(s) or site and a call to action such as “check out ____ for more!”

The possibility of an ongoing partnership for regular/semi-regular posts and better rates is also on the table.


Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are a great way for you to promote your business or services.  A sponsored article is an informational piece written by your company or myself (for a fee) that is not overly promotional but that contains links to your own sites, is credited to you and is widely circulated for a longer-than-average period of time.

If  your business is interested in a sponsored post please inquire as to rates and procedures at

Sponsored posts will contain links to your business site or social media pages and will add value to both my readers and your potential customers.


What you pay for:

  • Authorship. If I’m writing it I charge a $200 flat fee for my time. This includes research, writing, editing, and finding photos. If you are authoring the article this fee is waived.
  • Prestige. LATG is an established, popular and well connected blog with a large, engaged readership and highly targeted audience.
  • Social Media. Your article will be promoted on all of LATG’s social media and bookmarking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and several more. (See above for stats).
  • Exclusivity. I only offer one sponsored article opportunity per month. This adds exclusivity and increased opportunity for promotion of your piece.
  • Advertisement free. I usually use Amazon’s affiliate program and Google Adsense to generate banner ad income on my site. No in-text advertisements will appear on your article. This is your space, you’re paying for it, you won’t have to share. (This only applies to in-text ads. Advertisements on the sidebars or the page header will still be shown).
  • Long term returns. Your sponsored post can remain on LATG for months or even years, depending on arrangement, gaining more readers, views and leads as time goes by.
  • Valuable back links. Links to your site(s) will be included in 4 different locations if desired including the main text, the disclaimer, the author biography (unless I am writing the piece) and on the sponsors page mentioned below.
  • Sponsorship credit and link. Your company, logo, website link and social media links will also be listed on a separate “sponsors” page where additional links to social media pages may also be included.
  • The right to edit. If your website changes, you launch a major new (relevant) product, you start a new social media page you’d like added to your article’s bio, or information contained in the article changes or becomes false (i.e. a new discovery regarding the factuality of science mentioned in your article requires an update), you may have your article edited at any time so long as those edits remain consistent with quality and my guidelines. This also extends to the sponsorship page.


My terms and conditions:

  • Contact me and we’ll discuss the topic(s), scope of the arrangement and price quote.
  • I am paid up front. PayPal is my preference. I also offer a Patreon for businesses option that may be more to your liking. You can learn more about that below.
  • Sponsored posts are not direct promotional pieces. They are not advertisements in and of themselves. They are informational, useful articles my readers would enjoy and benefit from. They can be semi-promotional and mention the product, but we still have to keep it classy, right?
  • This material is new and unique to LATG, written specifically for LATG’s audience.
  • You will not republish this material on any other websites while it is published on LATG.
  • You do have the right to have the article edited or updated at any time if you so desire. In most cases this should incur no additional fees.  Early removal is also permitted upon request but will not typically result in a refund.
  • All content must be relevant in some way to education, languages, language learning or topics in culture and linguistics. I may be flexible here and am happy to discuss this further. Please, no articles about fantasy football or the latest, greatest rolling pins for this winter’s cookie baking.
  • If your article is low quality, awkward, has lots of written mistakes, is boring, overdone, too short or otherwise not up to my standards, I will ask you to rewrite it or offer to write it myself (for which my standard fee is an additional $100 USD). We can work together to optimize this and I don’t mind doing (a little) editing for free.
  • I can only accept sponsored content from companies I respect. If I don’t like you, trust you or support your product, I can’t in good conscience promote it. I do not accept articles from sites that sell essay writing services. I find these to be essentially academic fraud – something I do not support.
  • I must disclose to my readership that the article is sponsored. This is just a line of text at the top or bottom of the article that simply says “this article is sponsored by _______” This will also serve as another link.
  • No amount of money is worth damaging my site. If your article does not meet my standards or offer value to my readers it is no better than an advertisement, your piece will not be accepted.
  • I do not work with essay writing companies. It’s academic fraud, it’s sketchy, it’s weird, and it undermines the entire education system. Go away.


Banner Advertising

I’m currently offering responsive banner advertisements that appear in the header, sidebars and/or in text within articles. Prices are adjusted up or down depending on size and placement. For example, the large, responsive banner at the top of the site would be more valuable real estate as it converts more often, and is thus worth more.

At the moment I am only accepting responsive ads for the sidebar and in text positions.

**Note** I am only accepting banner shapes that are also suitable for mobile devices. Responsive ad code for wider ads is encouraged but you’ll have to provide the code yourself. The best size for mobile devices is the standard 300×250 banner – making this size the safest bet for those without coding skills.



  • In-text ads appear on all blog articles with a couple of exceptions. They do not appear on pages (About, Contact, etc).
  • Ads can be text or image based.
  • Top banner ads appear on all articles and pages, incl. home page.
  • Video ads or popovers are possible but may incur increased rates. Please contact for more info.
  • Advertisements must be attractive and not obnoxious.
  • Ads will be paid for up front on PayPal or via Patreon on one of my business options, which you can read more about below.
  • Ads are good for one month from the day they are posted unless a longer period of time is agreed to prior. You can begin the ad campaign immediately or choose a date on which you would like it to begin. Payment must be received on or before the start-date.
  • If you would like to switch an advertisement for another one, you may do so at any time for no extra cost, so long as the new ad also meets my requirements. Changes in size may alter price.
  • Special rates for purchases made in 3 month blocks or that include more than one advertisement placement location.
  • Banner advertisers will also receive inclusion on the Sponsors page which includes a backlink, a brief bio, two social media links and an image or logo.

If you have questions about pricing or want to learn more about advertising or partnership opportunities please contact me via email.

Patreon Campaign

LATG is also funded by a Patreon campaign that allows fans and readers to contribute a monthly gratuity to help support the work they enjoy. Typically, Patreon is designed for individual fans to chip in a dollar or two to support something they see value in, in return for little rewards.

I’m now making this option available for your business – and the rewards aren’t so little.

Patreon can be used as an alternative form of payment for various advertising other opportunities.

You can check out my Patreon campaign by going here.

There are currently 2 Patreon business tiers available:


Business Sponsors Tier I – $50/m

Your website and product or services will be listed on LATG’s sponsorship page:

  • Dedicated space on sponsorship page for company description and logo/image with links to site.
  • Links to up to 2 social media pages included.
  • I’ll follow you on Twitter. I do a lot of (relevant) retweeting.
  • Periodic social media promotion.
  • One link placed in text in a relevant, higher traffic article.

Business Sponsors Tier II – $100/m

  • Listed on sponsorship page. (see tier 1)
  • Dedicated space for company description and logo/image with links to site.
  • Links to up to 3 social media pages included.
  • Weekly social media promotion.
  • I’ll follow you on Twitter and other social media sites.
  • Three links placed in text in relevant, high traffic articles.
  • 1 sponsored article. See above for details. Published for as long as you remain a sponsor.


For pledges that fall outside tier ranges, we can work on custom arrangements.

All tiers will of course have access to my Patreon feed, have an inside look at what’s going on in LATG and will be able to give a hand in helping to create new ideas and contribute to the community.

The cool thing about Patreon is that it’s goal oriented, so as you make pledges, you’re able to directly see and even participate in the improvement of the website and community, which will help you in the long run.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch!