Language Lessons

Languages Around the Globe is proud to announce a brand new partnership with Russian<>English translator and language teacher Jenna Naruševičienė.

Jenna is currently taking on new learners (aged 12+) interested in learning or improving their English or Russian language skills at reasonable prices.

Booking is available for Skype sessions in blocks of 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

Click “Book Appointment” at the bottom of the page for information on pricing and scheduling.


English Language Lessons:

  • General English

  • Conversational English

  • Business English

  • Finance English

  • Nursing English

  • IELTS Preparation


Russian Language Lessons:


  • General Russian

  • TEU (ТЭУ) Preparation

  • TBU (ТБУ) Preparation

  • TRKI 1 (ТРКИ) Preparation


*Please Note* Schedule is in New Zealand Standard Time, (GMT +12). Be sure to book accordingly.


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Questions? Comments? Use this form to get in touch with Jenna!