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I’ve started a Patreon campaign to help carry the costs of maintaining and expanding LATG and I could use your help!

Managing LATG is a labor of love.  Unfortunately as this blog and community continue to grow the costs of running it – both in terms of material and website related costs as well as time spent working on what has essentially become a full time job – continue to grow.

If you’ve got a minute or three to spare please consider checking out the campaign plug. There’re goodies and rewards to be had!

Since 2012 Languages Around the Globe (LATG) has grown from a fun little Facebook page project that I messed around with in my spare time while working as a TESOL coordinator into a burgeoning social media community spanning many platforms as well as an ever expanding website and blog.

Through LATG I attempt to share my experiences and insights into the world of language learning, linguistics and other aspects of human culture.

Languages Around the Globe is totally free and will remain that way forever.

Your monthly donations go to keeping the site afloat, covering the costs of the language products I review and the tutors I work with. If affords me the time and energy to devote myself entirely to creating a higher volume of higher quality content for you and for the entire LATG community.

Any amount that you’re willing to pledge goes a long way towards improving the quality of the website. The more that is pledged, the more I can do what I do, see what I can see and the more stuff I can give back to you. It’s hard to argue with that!
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Some of the things I’m looking to do in the future are to expand and upgrade with an improved jobs board, forums and maybe even a podcast or other video content! I’m also hoping to begin work on a new website focused around satirical language learning tips and news, which will give me a more creative and “raw” outlet and hopefully provide everyone with some much needed laughter.

I’ll even get rid of those ugly third party advertisements!

If we can really raise some cash I plan to start making donations to some of our favorite endangered language documentation or preservation efforts, or other language related causes in desperate need of some assistance. You can help decide who those beneficiaries might be and even have your name included as a donor.

If you’re a fan of LATG – and we all know you are if you’ve read this far – please consider lending a hand in support. Any amount is greatly appreciated and you can always cancel your monthly donations at any time.

An enormous thank you for your continued support and patronage. And whether you choose to become a patron or not, feel free to check out and follow LATG on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to keep checking back every so often! I plan to add new, even better rewards as time goes by and LATG expands.


Pledge $2.00 or more per month

Show your support and receive:
  • Access to my Patreon feed where we can talk and hang out and you can get all sorts of updates and draft ideas, or just complain about things! You can get to know me and I can get to know you! It’ll be tons of fun.
  • You will get to see new content one day before everyone else!
  • Earn my sincerest thanks for being awesome and supporting what I do.

Pledge $5.00 or more per month

You’re a super fan! And that’s fantastic… haha…get it? FANtastic…… yeah okay that was bad. 
  • Access to the Patreon feed you will also receive a
  • You will receive a free copy of Erik Zidowecki’s ebook “Finding Your Way to Languages”.
  • In addition to this you will be to receive any and all future ebooks from LATG free of charge for as long as you remain a patron.

Pledge $15.00 or more per month

You love LATG and LATG loves you. As a reward for your tremendous generosity you’ll get:
  • All of the above rewards
  •  A Parleremo Languages, Full Edition Language Word Search book in the language of your choice. Book contains 360 word searches of varying degrees of difficulty.The available languages are Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Esperanto.
  • You will be added to a list of sponsors on that can include links to your personal or business website(s) or social media pages.
  • I will give a great big shout out on the LATG social media pages.

Pledge $40.00 or more per month

Mighty Linguistic Philanthropist

**Rewards dependent on reaching $1500/month goal.**

Besides receiving all of the lower tier rewards, I am planning to make regular or semi-regular donations to an endangered language preservation or documentation organization, or another similar group. Patrons of all tiers will have the opportunity to help vote on the recipients. Patrons at this level will have their names included on the donations and will receive a signed thank you card from yours truly.

**Patrons may select any amount of their choosing and are not limited to one of these tiers.**

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