Learning Another Language Improves Your Health and Well Being

Most of us know all about the obvious benefits of learning a language. You know that it fosters international understanding, increases cultural awareness, increases your chances of finding employment and likely qualifies you for a higher salary than your monolingual counterparts.

These aforementioned surface benefits that everyone tells you about are great, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll realize that not all of the benefits of multilingualism are as well known.

Multilingualism has been linked to a plethora of cognitive benefits that help keep your brain healthy and that generally enhance your quality of life.

To illustrate these benefits I’ve created this short infographic that outlines  a few really good reasons why learning a language is something you can do to boost your health and cognition.


Monolinguals content on remaining monolinguals are missing out on some of the most valuable benefits of language learning.

Regardless of age these cognitive perks can significantly impact the quality of life for an individual and those around them and I feel offer more than enough reason to get up off your butt and start learning.

What do you think? Are cognitive benefits as valuable as the more commonly known benefits such as travel, employment and human interaction? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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  • I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it Michael. Thanks for reading and I wish you well on any language learning project you may undertake!

  • MonicaGodo

    I remember reading in a scientific journal that multilingualism enhanced a part of the brain. So, I recommend this “therapy” to everyone! (and if you are bilingual from birth, then add some more to your list. The more, the better!)

  • Thanks Monica. I couldn’t agree more!

  • MonicaGodo

    Very kind of you to comment!