5 Leading Languages in the World of Business Revealed

I always assert that you should learn a language for love, not for money. But sometimes it does help to know which languages will give your professional profile an extra edge.I’m excited to feature an article from the team at The Language Factory about five of the world’s most influential business languages.Check out the awesome infographic they built to go with it!


Which languages are the biggest in business?
As the business world contains such a diverse range of ideas, cultures and languages, it’s very interesting to see the way in which The Language Factory recently portrayed some of the world’s most influential languages in a bid to help businesses better understand their business communications overseas.


Their interesting new infographic puts together a host of facts about some of the leading languages in the world of business and their country of origin.

From prominent cultural standards and primary industries through to major trading partners and brand promotion, there’re plenty of interesting dates and facts to digest and implement as part of your day-to-day business operations.

Here are a couple of valuable takeaways from five languages highly suitable for international business:



·         1.39% of the world speak German natively

·         Germany’s number-one export is machinery



·         In 2050, 80% of French speakers will originate from Africa

·         The modern French language began to form in the early 17th Century



·         5.43% of the world speak English natively

·         The average Brit works 1,647 hours per year



·         6.15% of the world speak Spanish natively

·         Traces of Basque, a regional Iberian language, can still be found in modern Spanish



·         14.4% of the world speak Mandarin natively

·         Prior to 1368, the Chinese language consisted of hundreds of different dialects



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  • GT

    Good luck speaking German in Belgium!

  • Ezekiel Straße

    English is not the native language of the US. The US does not have an official language. English just happens to be the most used language.