Review of Linqapp


When aspects of our language projects become confusing there is often nobody on hand to give you a simple explanation. Google may have some answers, but rarely is it able to pinpoint the exact issues you’re experiencing and usually just ends up frustrating you further.

If you’re a mobile language learner and you often find yourself with a large number of questions, about any language, you should check out the free Android app “Linqapp”.

Linqapp gives users the ability to ask questions to real people while encouraging these same users to respond to questions about languages they are comfortable with. If you speak English, French and Swahili, you check those languages as “known” and whenever new questions pop up on the boards about those languages you will receive a notification prompting you to read the question and provide an answer.

A sample Linqapp question.

Answering a question provides a predetermined number of points chosen by the question’s writer at the time of posting. These points are consumed when asking questions as payment to whoever answers.

Questions can be asked on virtually any topic relating to a vast selection of  languages and can be everything from advanced linguistics topics to more basic questions such as “what is another word for _____”. Some users are simply looking to connect with others looking for language exchange.


Users can even upload photos of things like menus, signs or text snippets from articles. Check out the image at right for an example of one such post.

Linqapp’s points system guarantees that active members in the community can continue to ask and answer questions uninterrupted. The system pays for itself for those who are willing and able to put a little bit of effort into keeping the community alive and flourishing.

The app is free for all intents and purposes. Premium membership, however costs $8.99 per month.

Premium membership comes with unlimited points allowing users to post as many questions as they like as often as they see fit. In addition; premium users’ questions are always worth the maximum number of reward points so premium accounts tend to have their questions answered super fast.

I highly recommend this product to language learners who enjoy using their mobile devices because it adds a different utility not offered by the majority of apps – a community of real people who are equally interested in learning and helping you learn new languages. It’s appropriate for learners at absolutely any level, and might even be useful for linguists or others with general inquiries into a language they have never studied at all.

The largest drawback that I’ve noticed will really only be a problem for learners studying less commonly studied languages. This isn’t so much a failing on the app’s part as it is a harsh reality of language learning in general. Linqapp supports a surprisingly wide selection of languages, but if you’re studying Sindhi or Javanese you may have to wait a little longer for answers to your questions than someone studying Spanish or Mandarin.

If you’re learning English the replies seem extraordinarily fast!

Linqapp has also been generous enough to offer Languages Around the Globe subscribers a promotional code for three free months of Linqapp Premium Membership worth roughly $27.00  Just click the link or fill in the email box on the upper right of this page and your code will be included in the confirmation email!

**Current subscribers have had their codes emailed to them, if yours has not arrived for some reason be sure to check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the email please feel free to contact LATG at

You can check out Linqapp on the Google Play Store.

iOS users don’t despair! Linqapp will be coming to the Apple Store later this year, and your promotional code will still be valid.

Have you tried Linqapp? What are your thoughts?

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