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Esperanto – despite being heralded as an ‘easier’ language to learn – can sometimes pose a (minor) issue with its general lack of extensive learning resources. Luckily for those of you interested in the conlang, the popularity of Esperanto is on the rise and with it comes a new host of language learning materials.

I’ve managed to find some to help get you started. Check it out!

Lernu is undoubtedly the most popular and well known resource for those wishing to study Esperanto. It allows learners to interact with one another and find learning-buddies or receive tips, tricks or help from more advanced Esperanto speakers. Lernu also provides Esperanto courses and other information for learners interested in this language, entirely free of charge.


Memrise offers several Esperanto courses to choose from that are perfect for expanding your vocabulary and keeping up on some of the things you’ve learned. Memrise is always a fantastic addition to a language learning project, and this one will also benefit from this supplement.1


I managed to find you a wide variety of book resources of both the paid and unpaid variety and in both print and eBook formats. In a fairly recent poll here on this site book resources were actually ranked as the preferred language learning method among readers of this blog, so I took it upon myself to find a few relating to Esperanto.



Not free (but not super expensive either!)


For those willing to spend a little bit of money, this “Total Immersion” program; Instant Immersion Esperanto. There are three different packages for this software including a 12 month subscription to their web-based program that you can access from anywhere for $24. Levels 1-3 costs $49 and includes a two year subscription.

*Note* I’ve never used an Instant Immersion product and can’t attest to its effectiveness. It doesn’t appear especially expensive, especially considering some of it’s competition, so it may be worth a shot, but as always you can learn a language without spending money.

If anyone does choose this method I’d love to be kept in the loop as to how it worked out for you. I will consider purchasing it myself and writing a review in the future and other users’ experiences would be awesome!

*New* Duolingo

The massively popular online learning platform Duolingo is now available in a host of new languages, among them a new Esperanto course! Duolingo is a pretty solid browser and mobile app based system for beginner learners.

It doesn’t necessarily hold up its end of the deal if you’re a more advanced speaker already, but if you’re new to Esperanto it’s definitely worth giving it a shot!

Oh, and it too is free.

You can read way more about Duolingo by checking out my article 10 Reasons Why You Need to be Using Duolingo.

What other resources do you know about? If you come across anything worth sharing please let me know either via the comments or via email at

i.e. If while browsing Esperanto resources you happen across a pair of shoes you just have to have, LATG will receive a tiny cut of that purchase as well.

Whether this sways to you towards or away from purchasing any of these paid products I need to clarify that LATG is a strong proponent of language learning being free or extremely inexpensive.

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  • Just so you know: the Esperanto translation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is also available for free online, a simple Google search will get you there. It was the first Esperanto book I read, and I can recommend it to anybody who has acquired the basic vocabulary and grammar.

    • Hi Janusz, thanks for letting me know! I’ve added the free version to the list.

      Glad to hear that you think it’s a good book for a new learner!

  • 14000 members in this Esperanto group with an useful description

    It is translated in the USA group.

    You’ll find lot of groups, for skyping, linux users, brazilians, christians, atheists, songs, videos, etc

  • Thanks a lot Alejandro! The more resources we can get the better. Even though the initial challenge is over for now, this page is still great for anyone looking to learn Esperanto in the future.