LATG Compilation of Polyglot/Linguist Channels and Podcasts!


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Languages Around the Globe
would like to present to you our compilation of video blogs and YouTube channels! With your help we will continue to grow this list in an attempt to create an easy access resource for all of you language learners searching for new inspiration, advice or camaraderie.

Information about each polyglot/linguist is copied directly from their “about” sections or links on their blogs or websites. In some cases no information could be found.

At the moment women are horribly underrepresented! Lets work together to even the score and hear from some extremely talented ladies.

Please submit your favorite language learning channels so we can expand this list! If you’ve got material of your own that you’d like us to help you promote, do so here!

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Professor Jason. Professor Jason is your source for informative videos on Spanish and Portuguese Arguelles, General polyglottery, accent training, learning techniques. – Richard Simcott “On this channel I give demonstrations of language ability and hints on how to best learn foreign languages” – Steve Kaufmann “Steve Kaufmann, CEO and founder of, is a lifelong language learner who now speaks 11 languages. He is a proponent of natural and enjoyable language learning” – Anthony Lauder “This website is about how to learn to speak Czech fluently. It isn’t aimed at professional linguists or advanced Czech speakers. It is more aimed at people with some basic knowledge of Czech, who want to get to the point where they feel comfortable with the language.” – Benny Lewis “In my travels I try to get a good idea of the culture and language of where I go. These videos are my attempt of giving a documentary-style outlook on some of my experiences and the people I meet. I also make travel and language learning videos. Many of my earlier videos are fully translated to 7 languages, and nowadays I make a video in just one or two languages every week or two, so that I can focus on writing on my blog.” – Laoshu50500 – Motivation and language learning. -Timothy Doner – 17 year old polyglot speaking 11+ languages. – Hamza Dudgeon ” Videos about language learning, linguistics and polyglottery.” – OscarP282 “In this channel I talk about learning languages, but also about other stuff that I consider it may be interesting.

FREE mini course for learning Spanish (best methods and techniques):” – Loki2504 – Syzygy “This blog, and my YouTube Channel will have a symbiotic relationship. They both deal with learning foreign languages, polyglots, foreign language course reviews, etc., but sometimes one medium is just more effective over the other in getting certain points across. I will, therefore alternate between the two.” – Luca Lampariello “My name is Luca and I’m from Italy. This channel is dedicated to my greatest passion — languages. I’ve been studying languages for about 20 years and a few years ago I reached a very important conclusion: languages cannot be taught; they can only be learned. Once you realize that it totally changes your approach and you understand why the famous “language classes” have such a low success rate. So I decided to share not only my passion for languages but also techniques for studying them, with optimism, passion, effective methods and experience. Learning a new language takes time but it’s not difficult. My mission is to help people understand that” – PolishPolyglot “Polyglot Lifestyle Channel from woman to women.

I’m a linguist with a MA degree in Romance Languages. I studied Spanish and Italian on two different Universities in Germany, but my mother tongue is Polish. The key area of my course was always language contact from the social and individual point of view.

I speak five languages fluently (Polish, Spanish, Italian, English and German) and couple of more languages on intermediate and beginner level (Catalan, Russian, French).” – talktomeinkorean “Learning Korean made fun and easy! Check out our daily Korean lessons at!!!” – Victor Huliganov – Since this series of lessons on the Russian alphabet are enjoying an unexpected level of popularity with people interested in learning Russian , I thought I would group the lessons together in a playlist to make it easier to find them. The goldlist material, relating to language learning method, is found between the lessons in order to break things up a bit, as are other Huliganov language learning related videos. It isn’t all 100% aimed at the Russian learner, but should all be relevant to students of language. RL 101 course covers the alphabet and RL 102 is in the course of covering grammar other than the focus on nouns and adjectives. The basic cases are taught using pronouns, and verb forms, prepositions and adjectives are all covered at an initial level in the 102 course. The structure of the lessons at the outset contained a joke and a song. In order to keep items shorter and make them easier to handle in Windows Movie Maker, I gradually changed to either a joke or a song. Some lessons, especially in the earlier parts of RL 102, are two parters, other than that they are one part lessons – Yangyang Cheng – Learn Chinese with Yangyang with short and fun video lessons. High quality, comprehensive videos about Chinese pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and culture. For the complete list of Yangyang’s courses, please visit

Podcasts! – This very well put together German podcast offers learners an opportunity to listen to the language at a more relaxed pace. With something to offer learners no matter how new.    -Brian – This podcast is for those who already know basic grammar and want to improve their Russian. If you don’t speak Russian at all, but can understand a few words, you still can listen to this podcast, it will help you too. The audios are entirely in Russian!